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Willow Crop and Compost

Willow Crop Compost

Willow Crop and Compost

Eco-Friendly Resource

The compost made at our waste facility is used to fertilise the willow crop. The willow crop, often referred to as willow biomass, consists of various species of willow trees cultivated for their fast growth and versatility. Willow crops are valued for their ability to thrive in diverse environmental conditions and their rapid growth, making them an ideal source of biomass for various applications. These applications include renewable energy production, phytoremediation (removing pollutants from soil), and as a feedstock for bioenergy and biofuel production. The willow crop is recognised for its sustainability, as it can be harvested and replanted cyclically, contributing to a renewable and eco-friendly resource.

Our Process

Circular Economy

McBreen Environmental Waste Collection Truck

Waste is collected by McBreen using rigid tankers, artic tankers, high volume jet vacs and Van Packs.

Waste screening machine

The waste is checked, treated, screened and Processed at our waste processing facility.

Waste Compost Processing Machine

At the Breffni Organics facility the waste is then processed.

Willow Crop Compost

After the preceding steps, the end product is compost.

Willow Crop in field

The compost is then used as fertilizer to grow the Willow energy crop.