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Waste Facility Overview

Breffni Organics is McBreen Environmental’s very own waste facility dedicated to our commitment to environmental sustainability by reducing our waste through dewatering & composting processes. The waster is treated and turned into compost which is then used to fertilise willow crops which are an excellent source of renewable bioenergy. McBreen Environmental is the only drainage company in Ireland with a dedicated waste facility.

Breffni Organics Services

Waste Treatment Process

The facility uses state-of-the-art equipment and processes which enable operators to manage the composting process through the tracking of batches through the entire composing process for traceability. This facility provides McBreen Environmental with a secure and ethical outlet for the liquid waste it collects which enables us to continue our journey to sustainability while also contributing to the circular economy. Without this facility, the target for reduction in waste volumes going to landfill could not be achieved.

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Willow Crop Compost

Breffni Organics Services

Willow Crop and Compost

The compost made at our waste facility is used to fertilise the willow crop. The willow crop, often referred to as willow biomass, consists of various species of willow trees cultivated for their fast growth and versatility. Willow crops are valued for their ability to thrive in diverse environmental conditions and their rapid growth, making them an ideal source of biomass for various applications.

Breffni Organics Services

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McBreen Environmental, a proud member of the McBreen Group, stands as one of Ireland’s largest nationwide drainage companies, delivering comprehensive utility and environmental solutions to residential, commercial, and industrial clients. Established in 2006, McBreen Environmental has become synonymous with excellence in the waste management and drainage industry.

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