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Waste Facility Overview

Breffni Organics

Our Facility

Breffni Organics is McBreen Environmental’s very own waste facility dedicated to our commitment to environmental sustainability by reducing our waste through dewatering & composting processes. The waste is treated and turned into compost which is then used to fertilise willow crops which are an excellent source of renewable bioenergy. McBreen Environmental is the only drainage company in Ireland with a dedicated waste facility.

Our Process

Waste Facility Overview

1. Closed-Loop Sustainability:

At Breffni Organics, we’ve established a closed-loop system, where waste generated through our operations becomes a valuable resource for our willow crop. This approach reflects our commitment to sustainable practices and circular economy principles.

2. Waste-to-Compost Process:

Explore the fascinating journey of how our waste is transformed into nutrient-rich compost. Witness the composting process in action, where organic materials are carefully decomposed, creating a valuable soil amendment that benefits our willow plantation.

3. Willow Crop Nurturing:

Learn about our willow crop, a key component of our sustainability efforts. The compost produced from our waste stream serves as a natural fertiliser, enhancing soil fertility and promoting healthy growth in our willow plantation.

4. Environmental Benefits:

Discover the environmental benefits of our waste-to-compost initiative. By diverting organic waste from landfills and utilising it to enrich our soil, we reduce greenhouse gas emissions and contribute to a more sustainable and resilient ecosystem.

5. Agricultural Innovation

Breffni Organics embraces agricultural innovation by integrating waste management with crop cultivation. Our forward-thinking approach demonstrates the potential for


Breffni Organics Waste Facility goes beyond traditional waste management by turning waste into a valuable resource for agriculture. Our waste-to-compost initiative not only minimises our environmental footprint but also contributes to the sustainable growth of our willow crop. 

Certified Waste Management

Types of Waste

At Breffni Organics, we manage a wide range of waste materials responsibly. Our Waste Facility Permit/Certificate of Registration Details attest to our compliance with regulations, ensuring proper handling of organic waste materials. We’re committed to environmental stewardship, contributing to a cleaner future for all.

List of Waste CodeDescription
03 01 01waste bark and cork
16 10 02aqueous liquid wastes other than those mentioned in 16 10 01
19 08 05sludges from treatment of urban waste water
19 09 02sludges from water clarification
20 01 25edible oil and fat
20 03 04septic tank sludge
20 03 06waste from sewage cleaning

Our Process

Circular Economy

McBreen Environmental Waste Collection Truck

Waste is collected by McBreen using rigid tankers, artic tankers, high volume jet vacs and Van Packs.

Waste screening machine

The waste is checked, treated, screened and Processed at our waste processing facility.

Waste Compost Processing Machine

At the Breffni Organics facility the waste is then processed.

Willow Crop Compost

After the preceding steps, the end product is compost.

Willow Crop in field

The compost is then used as fertiliser to grow the Willow energy crop.