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Breffni Organics

Leading the Way in Waste Recycling and Environmental Services

Breffni Organics

Environmental Sustainability

Breffni Organics is McBreen Environmental’s very own waste facility dedicated to our commitment to environmental sustainability by reducing our waste through dewatering & composting processes. The waste is treated and turned into compost which is then used to fertilise willow crops which are an excellent source of renewable bioenergy. McBreen Environmental are proud to be among one of the pioneering drainage companies in Ireland offering this service, continually adapting to meet the changing needs of our customers and staying ahead of the competition.

Our 2023 statistics are below:

Waste Treated & Recycled
23,000 Tonnes
Fertiliser Produced
2,500 Tonnes
Number of Customers

Our Process

Circular Economy

McBreen Environmental Waste Collection Truck

Waste is collected by McBreen using rigid tankers, artic tankers, high volume jet vacs and Van Packs.

Waste screening machine

The waste is checked, treated, screened and Processed at our waste processing facility.

Waste Compost Processing Machine

At the Breffni Organics facility the waste is then processed.

Willow Crop Compost

After the preceding steps, the end product is compost.

Willow Crop in field

The compost is then used as fertilizer to grow the Willow energy crop.

Breffni Organics Willow Crop Process

7 Years


About Breffni Organics

Our History

Breffni Organics was founded in 2017 as part of the McBreen Group. McBreen Environmental invested and developed a composting facility in Cavan to provide us with a secure and ethical outlet for the liquid waste collected on a day-to-day basis which enables us to continue our journey to sustainability while also contributing to the circular economy.

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Environmental Sustainability

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Waste Management

Breffni Organics

Mission & Values

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Sustainability at the Core

By utilizing advanced dewatering and composting techniques, we actively reduce the volume of waste that ends up in the Uisce Eireann waste water treatment plants.

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Cost Efficiency for Client Prosperity

Our state-of-the-art processes are designed not just to minimize waste but also to streamline costs for our clients.

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Innovation Driving Progress

Our dedication to innovation allows us to provide our clients with not only sustainable practices but also cost-effective strategies

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Breffni Organics is affiliated with McBreen Environmental and the McBreen Group to ensure our waste is disposed of efficiently

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