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The Waste Facility Permit and the Certificate of Registration Database is a register for waste facility permits and certificates of registration issued by local authorities under the Waste Management (Facility Permit and Registration) Regulations, S.I. No. 821 of 2007, as amended.

This website is a central register hosted by the National Waste Collection Permit Office (NWCPO) of all waste facility permits and certificates of registration granted, reviewed, revoked and expired. Use of the website by Local Authorities facilitates compliance with the requirements to maintain a Section 19 register and to notify the EPA of authorisation information.

Waste Facility Permit

Breffni Organics is McBreen Environmental’s dedicated waste facility focused on environmental sustainability. We specialize in reducing waste through dewatering and composting processes. The waste is treated and transformed into compost, which we utilize to fertilize willow crops, a valuable source of renewable bioenergy.

The dewatering process involves the removal of excess water from waste materials. At Breffni Organics, we employ advanced techniques to efficiently separate water from the waste, resulting in a more concentrated and manageable composting material.

Once the waste has undergone our dewatering and composting processes, it is transformed into high-quality compost. This compost is then utilised to fertilise willow crops, providing a sustainable source of renewable bioenergy. Residual waste goes to Uisce Éireann.

Willow crops are an excellent choice for bioenergy production due to their rapid growth rate and high biomass yield. Additionally, willow crops are well-suited to thrive in various environmental conditions, making them a sustainable and reliable source of renewable energy.

The compost produced at Breffni Organics is rich in nutrients and organic matter, making it an ideal fertilizer for willow crops. It is applied to the soil around the willow plants, enhancing soil fertility and promoting healthy growth.

By reducing waste through dewatering and composting, Breffni Organics contributes to environmental sustainability by minimising the amount of waste water discharged to Uisce Éireann waste water treatment plants and sewers. Additionally, utilising compost to fertilise willow crops promotes soil health and biodiversity while producing renewable bioenergy.

Our current linear system of taking, making, using and then throwing away products and resources is wasteful. In a circular economy, we use less raw material, design products for long-life and recyclability, share products, use them for longer and reuse and repair products. We recycle as much material and products were possible and only dispose what can’t be recycled